Shadow Caster



This piece was constructed in my studio from November of 2015 until March of 2016. It is seven feet tall and the large disc is four feet in diameter. I always had in mind that this piece would be lit at night and cast interesting shadows against the side of the studio or any other building it may be installed near. It also is reminiscent of a sundial which keeps time by casting shadows at prescribed angles. This piece is for sale. Just contact me through this website.


This piece nearly landed on the scrap heap when the large disc warped while welding other pieces onto it. I ultimately ground the other pieces off so I could weld the disc to my welding table. Then I attached the triangles on one side. I was pleasantly surprised when I removed it from the welding table that all of the warping was gone.


The base of the piece is cedar and constructed using a timber frame method. The steel and wood are joined by means of stainless steel “shoes” that sit on top of the cedar posts. By using stainless steel on this part of the structure, there will be no black staining from the carbon steel as would normally be true. Like most of my newer pieces, this involves two or more unrelated disciplines. In this case welding and wood working.


For fans of Flood Products, the base is protected with CWF-UV and the metal is periodically treated with Penetrol.

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